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Imagine unlocking nature’s palette and bringing the impact of all her colors to work in your home! With the right combination, everything in your space will work together without major remodeling. Make it comfortable. Make it happy. Color harmony creates healthy and productive spaces.

Simply Star creative color consulting is a balancing process that reduces stress, removes boredom, and creates a tranquil, energizing space that is soothing to the mind, body and soul. Your color selections stay fresh, making your space transcend trends and become a work of art.

Simply Star color consulting can change the look of a room in ways you can only imagine. We can make it seem like we’ve moved walls, changed room size and created a completely new room layout.

In fact, the greatest home improvements are often the result of nothing more than color combined with a little rearranging. The fact is, my customers are amazed by how much they can do with what they already have!

When you call, we’ll get started on your home makeover by talking out your vision. Then we’ll work out a color palette that will create a new interior design and create a plan to fit your home redecorating budget. I’ll even give you pointers on where to shop and how to find the best deals!

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