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There are many elements that have to combine harmoniously to make a room look great. The color palette has to be right. The scale of individual elements has to be right. You can combine several different styles, but each element has to work well with the others. Each item in a room has to be positioned properly to make a pleasing composition. And, beyond the way the room looks, it has to fit your family to be functional and satisfying.

When we sit down to create a plan, I'll help you define your personal style and work out the "rules" we'll use to coordinate all of the elements to create a truly beautiful, functional space.

When it comes to pulling it all together, you can choose the best way to make it happen. I can do all of the work for you, work with you to get the work done, help you put your friends to work for a Design House Party (a great way to save money that's a lot of fun!), or simply give you a plan that guides you at your own pace.

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