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2019 Design Trends

January 3, 2019

Talking about residential trends today. I get this question a lot (during color consults) – “What are the new colors, what’s popular, can you tell me the trends?

Yes, I can do all of that, but then I ask, “Why are you interested?”

It’s important for me, as the design/color consultant to know this answer. Because, if you’re thinking of selling your home, it’s good to know what is popular. Especially in your neck of the woods. East coast-West coast vibes and styles are different. What always remains the same is NOT TOO TRENDY.

If NOT selling though…different story.

Trends can be guides and inspiration and fun to see BUT…it’s all about you.

Your favorite things, colors that you love.

I help by identifying the existing colors in flooring, cabinetry, countertops, etc. (if they are staying)

We work with that.

Once I’ve determined wht it is you don’t like about a space and know what you’d love for it to be, I can get you there, on your budget while marrying the different finishes.

Trends may inspire a change but they shouldn’t inform your new space if it doesn’t please you, isn’t right for your space…doesn’t bring the cozy, the energy, or whatever it is you’re wanting to achieve.

When I decorate and create my own personal spaces, I don’t even think about trends. I don’t even care about them. I know what I like, what the space needs to be. And sometimes it just might happen that it is a current trend or will become one (Trendsetter!)

I am knowledgeable of trends because I need to be but I rarely ever discuss them except in the aforementioned resale situations.

You know what you like. I know how to pull it together so that it is pleasing, comfortable, well thought out.

Trends…. Keep them in their place!

I have to admit, if the current trend colors are your colors – availability of décor items is great!

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